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It's time to settle down, my little jellybean.

Finding Your Creative Medium

. . . The point is, you start off small in the amateur stage. And once you slowly begin to find our footing, you explore. Your creative scope begins to expand, ever so slowly—as does your sense of exploration. Different styles and mediums begin to influence your work. And then one day, when you least expect it, your creative medium slaps you across the face. It could be a love-at-first-sight type of slap. Your first time using soft-core colored pencils for instance and then, boom, instant adoration for the medium. Or it could be a relationship full of exasperation to start. Writing off, say, acrylics out of frustration, only to be drawn back to them later down the line. . .

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If you touch her, you'll most certainly get burned.

Learning Art as an Adult

Especially as adults, it's mentally and emotionally challenging to begin something from square one. More specifically, it's difficult to admit to being genuinely bad at something when starting out. Young people make mistakes—it's inherent. Adults on the other hand, are supposed to have everything together. We have unlocked the secrets to succeeding in school and work (or at least being exceptionally average), that being genuinely bad at something has become a foreign concept—it's frustrating, disheartening, and it's unfortunately enough to make so many people quit before they see the slightest improvement in their work. . .

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