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One of my favorite people on the World Wide Web (photo credit: DrawingWiffWaffles).

Finding Joy in Your Art – DrawingWiffWaffles Artist Spotlight

Art is a source of joy for many people on this planet.

One person in particular who embodies the sense of happiness and fulfillment that comes with creation is YouTube artist DrawingWiffWaffles, or Rin for short.

Rin has has always been open and appreciative over the fact that practicing art grounds her. By the way she speaks about her work, you can tell that expressing herself via pencil and sketchbook is one of her deepest passions. And based on the 1.2 million people subscribed to her content, many clearly enjoy her perspective on the craft.

Skilled, enthusiastic, and humble. These are only a few of the words that come to mind when describing Rin’s personality. She is an incredible artist and an inspiration to many of her viewers.

Aside from her killer personality being a defining factor,

DrawingWiffWaffles’ art style is unique. You can easily point out her work in a room full of illustrations.

Rin sketches with the upmost flow and creativity. Her favored thing to illustrate are female characters in a cartoon-esque style. And by filming her entire process—from concept to color—she opens a door into what goes through an artist’s mind as they create.

DrawingWiffWaffles has vaguely touched on having some form of an auto-immune disease that has made the day-to-day rather difficult; yet despite this, she still finds the time and energy to, not only create beautiful pieces, but share her thoughts on art with the world.

In this video, Rin opens up to her viewers about finding a sense of serenity in her art. It helps her to forget about the struggles that she is currently facing, albeit temporarily. It goes to show that pouring your heart and soul into creation is healing.

Out of all of the artists that inspire me, she’s at the top of my list for too many reasons to count.

And I hope that those who discover her through this post find enjoyment in her art as well.

All in all, if you’re just starting out in your art journey, it’s incredibly helpful to find people who inspire you to create—whether it be their personality, perspective on art, their art style/technique, or a combination of these. Whatever encourages you to keep creating and keep seeing the joy in your art despite your skill level, is a gift in its own right.

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