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And away we go!

Let the Inktober 2019 Fun Begin!

Another year, another Inktober.

Below is the official 2019 prompt list from the Inktober website. Soak it in folks, because this will be our lives for the next 30 days:


I’m determined to follow through entirely this year. No more half-assed attempts like those met in 2018. Side note, feel free to read up on some of my Inktober posts published almost exactly a year ago:

Inktober 2018 – Building Habits as a Beginner Artist
Inktober 2018 – Making Time to do What You Love

The above articles center the choice of making daily art practice a priority. I dropped off of the Inktober train halfway last year because I simply couldn’t keep up. In other words, I didn’t make art my priority;

Allow me to play devil’s advocate to myself and these countless many who didn’t manage to complete the challenge: maybe your problem is thinking that you can make everything on your list a priority, when this is genuinely not the case. There is such a thing as not having enough time and/or energy in a day—despite many self-improvement backers preaching otherwise.

However, if you’d like to place more focus on your art development, maybe its time to bring the practice into the forefront of your life—and correspondingly send some of the other activities on your list to the backseat.

Inktober 2018 – Making Time to do What You Love

We make time for the people and actions that we define as our priorities. If we find ourselves falling behind in something we label as such, perhaps we’re using the term too lightly.

This year, unlike last, my art development is climbing on my personal priority list.

Hence why I’ve participated in Sketchtember (sketched a prompt everyday in September), am currently partaking in Inktober, and will also hang on until the bitter end of Huevember (color said inked illustrations everyday in November).

My art has improved massively since the last Inktober, and for that I am insanely proud. Hard work most definitely pays off so long as you focus your energy on the things that you care about.

Rather than posting from the first 3 days of #Inktober2019, I will share videos from my Inktober series on my YouTube channel:

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