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The type of art that just takes you somewhere else entirely~

Art That Teleports – Yao Yao Ma Van As Artist Spotlight

I recently discovered an artist via Pinterest, and my god is her work beautiful.

The concepts behind each of her illustrations are simple; yet rather than being a still image, they offer an entire snapshot of a person’s life. She captures how her characters are feeling and hints at what they might be thinking, what their daily lives are like, and the works.

It takes an extremely powerful artist to capture so much in only one image. Yao Yao Ma Van As’ work is not only insightful, but it represents how the day-to-day can be presented in a way that’s both stunning and impactful.

This artist captures the beauty of life, not matter how generic or mundane it may be. It reminds its audience that every person goes through their own unique routine—and in it lives a piece of them. No matter how plain and simple it seems to be, there’s a spark to it all.

This is the type of artwork that I would love to channel in the future—once I refine my skills enough to refer to myself an artist at least.

Yao Yao Ma Van As’ work is what I define as art that teleports. A type of work that is intriguing, that tells a story, and pulls its audience into an entirely different setting through the perspective of the person living it.

It is an intimate look into someone else’s life through the eyes of a fly in the wall.

In my non-expert opinion, this is the most powerful type of artwork.


Art That Teleports

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