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Criteria for a solid beginner-level sketchbook: Durable, Affordable, & Versatile

Best Sketchbook for Beginner Artists – Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook

There are a vast number of sketchbooks out there—all created with different intended uses in mind. If you’re just starting out in your art journey, you likely have yet to explore what many different mediums have to offer: watercolor, gouache, ink, and the works.

The reason I decided to sit down and write this post is because I needed a little bit of guidance when I first started drawing. I had no idea where to begin, and ended up purchasing a small 5.5″x7.5″ sketchbook from Walmart with c-grade paper (thin, rough, and recycled).

It took a while for me to find the perfect sketchbook for my skill level and most-used mediums.

Although keep in mind that your perfect sketchbook might have different properties; but, if you are in a similar place as me, then a sketchbook that offers worlds of versatility is probably best. Especially if you compare this option to having a separate sketchbook for watercolors, markers, and ink, it’s great to have all of your beginning work one place. This way, you can more easily flip through a single book to see your progression.

The Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook is an excellent choice for beginners. It can handle anything from colored pencil to watercolor; and despite pages still crumpling slightly when in contact with heavy water-based materials, it still stands its ground very well:

This sketchbook comes in 5 different sizes, and each has 60 sheets (120 pages); which, gives you quite a bit of space to work with. The best part? It’s very budget-friendly! I own both the 7″x10″ and the 9″x12″ versions, each costing between $7-13. For the number of pages you get, it’s one of the cheapest mixed media sketchbook that I’ve personally come across. And definitely worth the $2 price increase over the first sketchbook that I owned.

A close runner up is the Strathmore Vision Mixed Media Sketchbook. This option includes a blank cover allowing you to design your own. This is very inspiring to artists who enjoy customizing their sketchbooks.

This sketchbook also has a paper weight of 98lbs and comes with 70 sheets. I purchased the 5.5″x8.5″ version for about $7.oo.

A/N: If you own/purchase the Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook, let me know how you enjoy using it. I love this product, and many Internet artists can speak to its quality and price.

Talk about value!

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